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deco plate Tasanne

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“Life is made up of marble and mud.” Nathaniel Hawthorne | Nothing breathes elegancy, luxury and design like marble. This stone is another wonder of nature, formed under heat and pressure – as limestone crystallizes and marble is formed. The marble’s grains are locked together like puzzle pieces – like a DNA string – making each piece one-of-a-kind. The same goes for Urban Nature Culture’s deco plate Tasanne – not a single plate is the same. This perfectly round plate serves many different purposes; use it to serve small bites and create a beautiful table, add candles to it for a night in candlelight or simply add a figurine, flower vase, picture frame or any other cherished item that deserves its own spotlight. Tasanne’s expressive, natural drawing is timeless, serene and just that little bit of earth magic your urban home needs. Each piece is unique and caries its own pattern and color."

Ø 28 * 1.5 CM
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deco plate Tasannedeco plate Tasannedeco plate Tasannedeco plate Tasannedeco plate Tasanne