About us

With a lifelong experience in home and lifestyle collections, Dutch entrepreneur and wayfarer in life Anne Marie Hermans is proud to bring you the brand that mirrors her vision on the world: Urban Nature Culture.

Always on the look-out for new inspiration for her home deco collections, Anne Marie finds unforgettable stories far beyond her hometown of Amsterdam. She sets out to meet the world on a weekly base, travelling in search of hidden gems to take home. Urban Nature Culture brings you the many stories, rare finds and lost treasures she’s collected throughout the years, found in different cultures, giant metropolises and far-away villages. Its products are part of the global society as the work of inventive minds and hard-working, creative people. Urban Nature Culture brings you the world right at home.

One of the things about Urban Nature Culture that Anne’s most proud of, is the team behind it. The people that made it possible.