Let the cocktail hour start!

We are starting off the summer “shaken not stirred” with 4 new glasses for the ultimate cocktail party. Introducing champagne, gin & tonic, coupe and martini glasses. These giftpacks are perfect for friends, family, or as a gift to yourself. Including a recipe card for cocktails - to create your own.

All four of them unique, with their own classic shape- perfectly matching the drinks you're serving. Made of borosilicate glass in an exciting, colourful mix of colours.

Borosilicate glass

Discover the superior durability and elegance of borosilicate glass, perfect for stylish and resilient kitchenware. Its exceptional shock and thermal resistance ensures your glassware withstand various circumstances.

Cocktail recipes

Our gift packs come with a recipe for the perfect cocktail, paired with its matching glass!