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Meet our sustainable materials and their backgroud

The incredible beauty we find on our planet can only be preserved if we handle it with care, protect it from ourselves and do our best to create products in a sustainable way. Step by step, we find more and more ways to be in harmony with nature. To appreciate Mother Nature as a source, without destroying or exhausting her. Not just by paying fair wages to the talented craftsmen, who set forth traditions of centuries ago, or working with companies who connect them to us. But also by using new and planet-friendly sources, secondary instead of new, raw materials. We think it’s our obligation to invest in the future, and the only way of doing so is to have a good look at ourselves, see where we can improve and be transparent about the way we produce our goods.

Each of our new collections sets us with many challenges. Next to our ambition to make you fall in love with original, beautiful and outstanding products, we’ve also made it our goal to try and contribute to making the world a better place - in terms of products, (re)using nature in a clever way and to try to affect nature and the environment as little as possible. We try to re-use, restore and regenerate. How? It can be the smallest of things. Our placemats are made of corn leaves or recycled cotton, our glasses of 100% recycled glassware, for decorative items, we use the inventive material of ecomix made of recycled paper or cotton, peace silk to spin cushions, leftover banana leaves for decorative branches and coconuts and mango wood for tables and tableware. No more disposal, that’s our target.


In Urban Nature Culture’s collections, you’ll find all kinds of materials. Some are recycled, some are made of eco-friendly components and others are leftovers from the harvest of fruit, corn or other growth, which would normally go to waste. We’d like to highlight the materials which are sustainable sources and highlight them so you can make a considered choice when you’re shopping.

To qualify as sustainable, a product must be made from at least 50% sustainable material, but you can be sure - our products often contain a much higher percentage, some up to 100%! Recycled and repurposed materials are the only exception to this rule, as they make sure the overall quality of the material meets our high standards. we’re continuously working on innovative ways to bring a higher amount of recycled material into our creations, and this is improving with each collection.

Want to learn more about our sustainable materials? Welcome to visit our booth on the 19 – 23 January at Maison&Objet Paris, Hall 4 – F16 – G15

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