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5 Years of Urban Nature Culture - An ongoing journey

The best journeys answer questions that, in the beginning, you didn’t even think you were going to ask. And that’s how the story of Urban Nature Culture started. We had hopes, dreams and goals to aim forand since our journey started in 2016, they’ve only grown bigger. It’s been five years, ten collections, hundreds of beautiful, sustainable products and countless, valuable collaborations since we kicked off our brand. And we look forward to many more. Let’s celebrate Urban Nature Culture, in past, present and future – as our journey continues. Below you see our first ever brand movie. 

For the love of our world 
Ever since she was a little girl, Anne Marie Hermans has had the urge to travel. She wanted to breathe in the world, taste, smell and feel it - experience different cultures, explore the wonders of nature and study the delicate balance between mankind and Mother Earth. Combined with her never-ending passion for home decoration, which is rooted in the fact that she, her mother and aunt always went looking for hidden gems at international flea markets, it made her aware of the beauty of things. Whether her finds were repurposed, recycled, vintage, antique or brand new, if it had a story to it, it would find a new home in Amsterdam, her hometown. At 18, Anne Marie travelled South-America for quite a while, to find a sense of belonging in Brazil. She lived there for many years, studying art history and falling in love with the way of life. Design is her given talent, always having been surrounded by a creative family and living a life that’s full of creativity. 

It’s no wonder that, for the past 23 years, Anne has been working in retail. She started questioning whether she was doing the right thing. Where is the world going to? What are we waiting for? Do we really want to consume this much? It became her goal to live a life in which she would contribute to a better worldnot just at home, but in her career and professional life as well. That in itself, became her philosophy. And from it, Urban Nature Culture was born – in trying to make a difference to our planet and people. For the love of our world. 

Together we create 
Behind the brand lies a close-knit team – which includes Anne's husband Wim. Set up in 2015, with the first collection coming to life in 2016, Urban Nature Culture’s identity is safely guarded by the entire team. It was born from the idea that we all love beautiful products, but we care about the ethical implications of how they are made. We focus on the right (raw) materials, honest wages and, of course, the stories behind the products. And together, we’ve grown. More and more people choose quality over quantityand look for ways to decorate their house in a sustainable way. Urban Nature Culture fulfils that need. And so, we’ve managed to build our brand, develop and investconstantly looking for new ways of producing that which we love – and build strong relationships with creators, retailers and clients.  

Throughout the years, our team has worked together with some of the most talented people, from local craftsmen and designers to fair trade foundations and traditional factories. Each mind brings new ideas to life – and adds meaning to our collections. 

Our brand continues to focus on who we are, what we’d like to be and how to get there. Through our own collections, designs, artworks and ways of making it all happen. We hope you’re enjoying our journey as much as we are, as we hope you’ll follow us for the next, upcoming years of this incredible adventure called Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam.   

For the love of our world!
Team Urban Nature Culture 
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