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3 Tips On How To Style The Perfect Timeless Christmas Table

TIP 1 | Add some beautiful textile
The tablecloth is a great base to start from. If you don't have a large tablecloth, a nice sheet is a good sustainable substitute. For a change, don't iron your cloth, but keep them a little messy. This will give your table a cozy look.
Of course, napkins can't be missed either. I personally like linen napkins best. It looks nice and chic. Roll them up and place them on the plate. A simple string around them with a name tag or a small twig looks very festive and put together.
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TIP 2 | Mix & match different tableware
The tableware you choose is the most important thing to decorate a table. The color doesn't matter, but when mixing several sets of tableware, make sure the colors match.
Alternating matt and shiny tableware gives an extra nice touch and keeps it lively, you can find these different finishes also in the beautiful timeless Ogawa Collection.

Also, make sure you have enough glass tableware. Combine a wine or water glass with each plate, even if these are not used, they look great at the start of the Christmas dinner.

''I personally like durable stuff in my home. From furniture to accessories, I want to like these products for a long time to come, That means I don't follow trends so much and like to stay close to myself.'' 
TIP 3 | Add the finishing touches 
Work the height with simple branches and candles. This makes the table cozy. A few branches in different vases are actually enough. Perhaps some extra small twigs to serve as decoration on the plate.

Use candle holders and candles that vary in height. There are many battery-operated candles available these days, ideal when there are branches nearby.
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