Zoom Waxlight Holder Lotus - Urban Nature Culture
Zoom Waxlight Holder Lotus - Urban Nature Culture

Waxlight Holder Lotus


Material: Iron/Wax
Size: 12,8 x 12,8 x 9 cm 
Product Number: 105102

No matter how murky the pond is, the beautiful lotus flower growing in it will thrive and blossom. A symbol of purity in Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as rebirth to the ancient Egyptians, the flower never fails to amaze. With its flower closing at night and waking up at the first sight of sunlight, the lotus represents autumn and winter – carrying the promise that after the cold has gone, the sun will rise again, and spring awaits. With its golden glow, Urban Nature Culture’s soy wax waxlight holder will keep your spirit shining, long after the last flocks of snow have fallen.

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