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Wall decor Wood Block fog

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There’s something about the moody days of autumn, when light becomes more scarce, and rays of sunshine are treasured like nothing else. It invites us to go outside and grab them, feeding on daytime, taking in the many colours of fallen leaves in the forest and the promise of a crispy, cold winter ahead. It makes us appreciate the warmth of our own homes all the more, with all the things that make it yours. One of its treasures might just be Urban Nature Culture’s wall deco Wood Block. Available in two different designs, sizes and colours (shiny white and shiny fog), this decorative, wooden 3D frame brings round curves and organic lines to life, while adding an aesthetic, calm sense of nature to your urban home. Pause for a while, and let that light in – no matter the season.

40 * 25.2 * 6 CM
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Wall decor Wood Block fogWall decor Wood Block fog