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Vase Moroseta

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Material: Stoneware
Size: Ø 21 x 30 CM
Product Number: 106094

Urban Nature Culture draws its inspiration from countries, cultures and creative minds all across the globe. Our Moroseta vase, in full swing of design, sophisticated minimalism and elegancy, is inspired by one of the most beautiful Italian masseria we’ve ever visited. Located amongst what seems to be an endless olive gard, only ten minutes from la città bianca Ostuni, this masseria is a real piece of heaven. Overlooking the Adriatic sea, this white, old farm has been transformed into a home away from home – where the guests dine at the same table, enjoying organic food from the gardens and sharing stories – all while creating new memories. Its interior is flawless, natural and modern, and formed the inspiration to create the Moroseta vase. A black, ceramic vase which flows and sways, following the shapes of nature – as does the place it’s named after. In pitch black, carrying a precious flower, this vase highlights your day.

Vase MorosetaVase MorosetaVase MorosetaVase MorosetaVase Moroseta