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Urban Nature Culture Trolley

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More than a trend, working from home has become a necessity in times of crisis. We had to improvise, adapt and be creative. The dinner table, bed, kitchen counter or hallway sidetable have become our working desks – which hasn’t always been easy. We didn’t all have the required space to continue doing our jobs. However, we made it work. And found out that working from home can be a blessing too. Helping you to get creative, stay mobile and move our working desk wherever we want it to, Urban Nature Culture brings you this elegant, gold matt Trolley. A portable home office, keeping all of your papers and other stationary items nearby. Handmade in India, from refined iron with rounded edges, our trolley accompanies you to wherever you create your place of work.
50 x 35 x 75 CM
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Matt Gold
6.1 KG
Urban Nature Culture TrolleyUrban Nature Culture TrolleyUrban Nature Culture Trolley