Zoom Cushion Palmeira - Urban Nature Culture
Zoom Cushion Palmeira - Urban Nature Culture

Cushion Palmeira


Material: Jute + Raffia
Size: 45 x 45 CM
Product Number: 105424

The palm tree is a symbol of many things. It’s often linked to sunny skies, stretched out beaches and relaxing holidays. But there’s more to it. To the Egyptians, the palm is known as a sacred tree – a tree of life. The date palm is linked to the sun god Ra, which makes our circle round again. No matter what picture comes into mind when looking at our Palmeira cushion though, we hope it’s one of tranquility, as its natural green color invites you to calm down and take a deep breath, after a long day. The palm tree on this 100% jute cushion has been embroidered with raffia, and will make a great fit both in and outdoors.  

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