Zoom Side Table Sand stone
Zoom Side Table Sand stone

Side Table Sand stone


Material: Sand Stone Top + Iron Foot
Size: Ø 50 * 62 CM
Product Number: 105904

Urban Nature Culture’s side table Soap Stone is yet another wonder of nature. Soap stone, a metamorphic rock mostly composed of talc, is formed at convergent plate boundaries – where areas of earth’s crust are subject to heat and pressure. For thousands of years, it has been used for carving. The ancient Egyptian amulets were most commonly made from soapstone, Scandinavians in the Stone age started using it to create knifes and spearheads and Native Americans used soapstone to create bowls, cooking slabs and ornaments. Though strong, durable and heat-resistant, it is easy to carve and carries a beautiful gray, blu-ish shade. Our table, with a soap stone top and golden leg, is handmade in India – where soapstone has been used for many purposes for thousands of years.

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