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Candle holder ecomix Legerro, Peach wip

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As dusk finally quenches our thirst for some coolness, and a thunderstorm breaks up the heat, it’s Urban Nature Culture’s candle holder Legerro that loves to accompany you. Have a cup of your favourite drink by candlelight, with this ecomix beauty following you around – from the garden to indoors or vice versa. Given a white or Peach Whip shade, this candle holder is made of the planet-friendly mixture of recycled paper pulp, natural gum and chalk powder – known as ecomix. Let its light guide you through any time of the day, or night.

Ø15.6 * 8 CM
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Candle holder ecomix Legerro, Peach wipCandle holder ecomix Legerro, Peach wip