Zoom Bowl Shell, Mother of Pearl
Zoom Bowl Shell, Mother of Pearl

Bowl Shell, Mother of Pearl


Material: Stoneware
Size: 12 * 10 * 2 CM
Product Number: 105939

"“Some give up arms under pressure, while others rise up and undergo life transforming experiences. Oyster responds beautifully to external pressure, giving birth to a priceless pearl.” Mukhtar Aziz. | Below the surface, far away from our seeing eyes, the oyster creates a thing of magic; the pearl. It begins when a foreign substance slips into the oyster, irritating the mantle. As a reaction of nature, the oyster covers up the irritant to protect itself, with layers of the same nacre substance used to create the shell, eventually forming the ever-beloved pearl. An inspiring thought, that made us create our bowl Shell. A Stonewaree beauty, shaped like a shell, with a shiny, pearl touch, an ode to one of the many treasures of the ocean. "

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