Get a sneak peek of our sustainable luxury tiny houses at Floriade Expo 2022 - Urban Nature Culture

Get a sneak peek of our sustainable luxury tiny houses at Floriade Expo 2022

We're proud to have partnered with Basecamp, one of the leading providers of sustainable tiny homes. Our shared goal is to show that sustainable living doesn't have to be boring or austere. Rather, it can be beautiful, comfortable, and even luxurious. This year we decided to collaborate and exhibit a fully furnished and sustainable tiny house at Floriade Expo 2022!

Meet Basecamp
Situated a mere minute from the beach of IJmuiden (The Netherlands), you will find our partner Basecamp; a unique Tiny House Eco-Resort focused on sustainability and adventure.

Basecamp can best be described as a vacation park and eco-resort 'new style'. It is an Eco-retreat in the making, where sustainability and self-sufficiency are central. Anne, Manager of Basecamp, explains: ‘’At our Eco-Resorts, our guests can experience that this lifestyle is possible for everyone. In doing so, we hope to set an example for vacation parks, resorts and residential areas around the world. From this ambition follows our biggest mission to make Basecamp a place where we can eventually operate regeneratively. We have always been looking for a way to reduce the ecological footprint of a home, to encourage people to consume less in combination with less fixed costs and more freedom in nature. By letting our guests get in touch with this during their stay at our eco-resort we hope they will return inspired to continue with their own lives.’’

What's the reason why Basecamp and Urban Nature Culture decided to partner up?

’ In the search for great partners in the field of interior & design we came across Urban Nature Culture. A match made in heaven. We love the fact that UNC only uses natural materials and uses simplicity and minimalism in its execution. In addition, we noticed that not only we are mega fans, but also our guests. The houses that we have decorated with Urban Nature Culture get sky-high reviews.’’ Anne explains.

An overview of Basecamp, the tiny house eco-resort in Ijmuiden

Floriade Expo 2022
Floriade Expo is a world horticultural exhibition that has been held in a Dutch location once every ten years since 1960; this year the exhibition can be admired in Almere. Within the theme 'Growing Green Cities', more than 400 national and international participants will show their latest green inventions, solutions and applications. From ultramodern solar roof tiles to amazing vertical facade gardens and from the best ways to grow tomatoes to the latest pruning techniques. This theme is more important than ever. By 2050, no less than 68% of the world's population will live in cities, on only 2% of the earth's total surface.

Sustainable tiny cottages
Each of the cottages located in Basecamp, has its own solutions and applications in the field of sustainability. This can vary in the field of heating, energy generation, saving and storage, insulation, finishing, interior and water consumption. Our tiny house at Floriade Expo 2022 has these great solutions as well. Besides that, the tiny house has been fully sustainably decorated with our contemporary products inspired by urban, nature and culture. We love to show you the results!

Floriade Expo 2022 takes place in a truly unique city Almere, located in Flevoland. Flevoland is a unique province. Up until recently, where Flevoland lies now, there was only water. you can now find endless landscapes, hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths, long beaches and unspoiled nature areas.

With its ingenious layout, the tiny house makes optimal use of the available space. The raised ceiling and the glass wall, make it feel very spacious in combination with our handmade home decor.

We decided to go with natural and green tones to keep the room feeling calm and balanced. The wooden table and the natural-colored cushions add a natural feel that fits the space perfectly. We adore how the simple look makes the tiny house feel spacious and calm!

Tiny living
In recent years, people have been getting more and more creative with their living arrangements. As the cost of living continues to rise, many people are opting to downsize and live in smaller homes. Tiny houses have become especially popular, as they offer a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional housing. Tiny homes are typically under 400 square feet, making them much smaller than the average house. This reduced footprint has several benefits, including lower electricity bills, smaller monthly payments, and lower upkeep costs. In addition, tiny homes are more sustainable than larger or normal-sized houses, as they have a smaller environmental impact and generate fewer emissions. A great way for people to save money and live more sustainably.

Our soft linen cushions with a cotton back, have the perfect green and sand colors to add a serene, calming accent to wherever it finds its home

In the tiny house you will find a small kitchen with everything you need to make the most delicious meal. Our green wall decor adds the perfect touch of green!

Upstairs you find the cozy bedroom with lots of storage room. Our soft cotton plaid carries a beautiful mix of colors and irregular stripes like summer itself. The linnen cushions bring the perfect calm tones to the room which are the perfect companion to take a rest after a long day.

If you’re looking for a way to downsize your living quarters and live a more sustainable lifestyle, tiny living may be the answer for you. The tiny house that we decorated is just one example of how cozy and comfortable this type of living can be. With natural tones and decor, it’s easy to make a tiny space feel like home. Did you get inspired by our creation in this tiny house?

With love,
Urban Nature Culture


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