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Create a calm Indian Summer night with us

Indian Summer is a weather phenomenon characterized by a period of unseasonably warm, dry, and sunny weather that occurs during the autumn months. This period of warm weather often follows a stretch of cooler autumn weather.

Traditionally, a true Indian Summer is said to occur after the occurrence of the first "killing" frost, which is a frost that is severe enough to end the growing season and cause plants to wither. This warm and pleasant weather can be a delightful extension of summer and is often appreciated by people as it provides an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and the beauty of fall foliage.

Our products will add an extra touch to these indian summer nights, create a rustic calm feeling by adding candle light with our corten steel lanterns and light up your night.

Allow the gentle, flickering glow to illuminate your evenings, crafting a tranquil ambiance with Corda Cushions, lush greenery, and warm wood accents. Transform every moment into a magical escape.

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