Wax Light Holder Elephant - Urban Nature Culture

Wax Light Holder Elephant

In Africa, the elephant is a symbol of power, intelligence and peace. This beautiful creature continues to inspire, and so Urban Nature Culture has made the magnificent creature part of the new collection, adding a bright light to your day as a porcelain wax light holder. A light on dark winter days.

Elephants for Good Luck – Elephant Symbolism

The notion that elephants bring good luck has a long history. Elephant statues are popular worldwide. It is common superstition that an elephant object or picture should always face the door if you want to bring good luck into the house. It also protects the home when facing the entrance making sure only good fortune passes through.

There are different opinions as to if the elephant trunk should be up or down. Some say if the trunk is up the elephant will shower good fortune on all who walk past it. Others  believe it is better if the trunk is down because this means the elephant lets good fortune flow freely and naturally on everyone’s path. Elephants have been admired by humans for many centuries. They are intelligent animals.

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