Urban Nature Culture: a contemporary and idiosyncratic brand.

Urban Nature Culture is an inspiring, stylish brand with an eye for form, detail and material and a heart for nature and the people behind the product. However small the contribution to people and nature may sometimes be, the goal is always to 'give something back to the world'. This can be, for example, by paying fair wages to talented craftsmen, but also finding new environmentally friendly sources and using second-hand materials. A quest with continuous challenges with the task of investing in a new future. Five years after its foundation, about 20 colleagues work at and around the head office and the collection of the Amsterdam company is sold in more than 1,100 stores in 41 different countries.

Sustainable Materials

What distinguishes Urban Nature Culture from other home and lifestyle brands? Compared to other brands, the brand is a bit more rebellious. For example, in the field of materials, people are daring to take risks. A good example of this is the material ecomix. This is an environmentally friendly material composition that feels like ceramic. A mixture of recycled paper pulp, natural gum and chalk powder." In addition to ecomix, Urban Nature Culture uses other innovative materials. The team has found a way to use banana plant 'leftovers' and corn leaves to produce new products. Furthermore, all glass products in each collection are recycled."

Designed With Sissy-Boy

Sissy Boy and Urban Nature Culture met more than six months ago and came up with the idea to design and develop a mini collection together. Both Sissy Boy and Urban Nature Culture are unique brands with Dutch roots and a global attitude to life. Both brands are about idiosyncratic and contemporary combinations of products, materials and colours. A collaboration was inevitable! The mini collection is made up of ten independent products with a strong feel-good character that together form a whole. For tension and contrast, the choice was mainly made for contrasts in materials, such as gloss versus matt and transparency versus tactility. The colors, on the other hand, are harmonious; calm, elegant neutrals with an accent of gold. The design is characterized by an organic, intuitive design in which ears have been given a leading role.

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