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Puglia: La Dolca vita

With our selected partners 1622 Lifestyle, Kkklup and BMK Interieur we went to Puglia, Italia on an inspiration trip. Want to know what we did? Read our travelogue below.

Day one

On the first day, we crossed the Italian country roads, surrounded by spectacular olive trees, to Masseria Moroseta: a white stone farmhouse that stands proudly on the ridge, overlooking the sea and Ostuni.

Built with local materials and traditional techniques, immersed in five hectares of organically run centuries-old olive groves, the Masseria is an enclave of relaxation and rural simplicity. Something we feel very at ease with.

Masseria Moroseta carries within itself the whole tradition of shapes and spaces of the most typical Apulian farmhouses: the blinding white, the sheltered courtyards, the arches, the cement tiles, the stone. All this is accompanied by respect and love for the environment, thanks to the energy of the sun and the modern green building techniques used.

Look at those pictures, you can really feel the beauty of Italy here.

This day was all about relaxing, good food, and enjoying life with eachother.

The highlight of the day was the dinner we had, cooked by Chef Giorgia Eugenia Goggi , Masseria Moroseta’s resident chef since 2017. Here she developed her personal vision of healthful, seasonal, and spontaneous cuisine. Everything is homemade and organic.

On the menu that eve:

Bread Service

Lula Sourdough bread and focaccia, Moroseta olive oil, homemade pickles, and whipped fava bean hummus.


Ricotta and cavolo nero filling, brown butter, buckwheat, thyme, and lemon.

Sharing plates

Fresh local mozzarella and burrata 

Traditional grilled pork “bombette” and chicken with sage and shallots.

Mororseta Garden Salad

Roasted Polignano carrots and cauliflower

Lemon and Lavander

Lemon polenta cake, lavender fiordilatte gelato, confit orange and citrus crumble.

Tea and Friandises

Bay leaf tea, chocolate truffle and candied lemon.

All served on artisan made tableware in Grottaglie, a famous little town in Puglia. The combination of taste, colors, presentation of the food blown our mind away.

Day two

We started our day with a sunny breakfast moment, it’s the season of oranges and lemons. These little artworks are freshly made, with love by Giorgia, making us ready for the day.


After breakfast, we went to Julie Marr and Francesco Creanze from Everyone At The Table. Like us, they find value in the philosophy of sharing time, food, and stories around the dinner table, where everyone is welcome.

First, they took us to Altamara, a city famous because of its bread. It’s one of the famous gastronomic products in Puglia, with ancient origins. The Latin poet Orazia (1st century BC) wrote once: “Best bread in the world, so much so that the diligent traveler brings a supply for the continuation of the journey.” In 2003 it was the first flour starch to obtain DOP certification.

We visited a bakery, who is already baking the infamous bread for five generations. In the past, the baker used to bake loaves of bread from 5 to 7 kg for shepherds to eat during their journey for weeks. The bread is still made in the traditional way and consists of 5 different organic grains. Even people with a gluten allergy can eat this bread.


In the afternoon we went to the lovely cooking studio of Julie and Francesco, where they give us a workshop about traditional Italian eat culture, where we laughed, ate, and had a really good time. We had a masterclass on how to make Orecchiette (a typical Puglia pasta dish), Classic Tomato Sugo, Arugula Salad with Fennel and Oranges, and Olive Oil Citrus Cake. So yummy!

We couldn’t leave Puglia, without visiting Matera, maybe you know it from the James Bond movie No Time To Die or the Rupestrian churches and uber-famous Sassi – the very peculiar settlements carved into the Italian rocks. Look at the pictures, and you will understand why it’s chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2019.

After all these inspiring activities, it was time to go home. We would like to thank our selected partners for joining us on our journey. We can truly say, we lived La Dolca Vita all the way! Interested to be one of our selected partners? Contact Esther via: sales@urbannatureculture.com

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