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Vase Pebbles, Gray Morn

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Material: Earthenware
Size: Ø 14.9 * 27 CM
Product number: 105950

“We can choose to throw stones, to stumble on them, to climb over them or to build with them.” William Arthur Ward | Urban Nature Culture chooses to build with stones, and create a one-of-a-kind vase with a playful character. In a gray morn shade with a shiny high gloss finish, this earthenware vase is handmade in Portugal. It looks exactly like two shiny pebbles, stacked up besides the river, as mankind’s way of saying ‘I was here’. It hugs your ferns, leaves or favourite flowers, but truly does stand out on its own as well. This is nature in urban design.

Vase Pebbles, Gray MornVase Pebbles, Gray Morn