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Urban Nature Culture’ s Wonders of Nature: corn

Nature’s giving us much, much more than just a pretty sight to look at. It provides us with food, water, clothing, warmth and energy. It’s everywhere, all around us and feeds our life on earth. And while some people can’t see past ways of using a certain fruit or vegetable in a recipe, others find inventive ways of using it to create something completely different from food.

At Urban Nature Culture, we’ve already used the leftover banana leaves, coconuts and mango wood to create new products. Well, for the Spring & Summer Collection of 2018, it’s time for the left overs from corn leaves to show its diversity! Its bright yellow kernels might be sweet and tasty, it’s the leaves of the tall plant grass we know as corn that is the source for Urban Nature Culture’s new collection item. It has many culinary uses, such as herbal tea, cornmeal pancakes, pudding or pie. Native Americans have been using corn silk (maize tassel) to treat minor skin irritations, known for its healthy dose of vitamins C and K. But there’s much more that the Native American women used corn leaves for. The left overs from corn leaves would be used to create many woven items, including mats, shoes and baskets. Braiding, coiling, sewing and twining were some of the ways they used to weave objects from cornhusks – and not much has changed.

Urban Nature Culture takes the corn leaves that nature leaves behind at the end of a long, hot summer and uses it to create several natural beauties.From a corn placemat to oval baskets – these hand-made corn items bring a sense of summer to your home. An environmental-friendly way of using one of nature’s endless list of wonders.These recycled corn leaves items were part of Urban Nature Culture’s Spring/Summer Collection 2018.

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