100% Recycled Tableware

100% Recycled Tableware

Step by step, we find more ways to produce products in a sustainable way. After three years of hard work and doing a lot of research into recycling, we’ve made a revolutionary step to a more sustainable way of living. Urban Nature culture has found a way to produce a collection of 100% recycled tableware. We, at Urban Nature Culture, are contributing to the circular economy with beautifying pre-owned tableware. The process of manufacturing is a unique way to Reduce and Re-use.


100% Recycled Tableware

What we do

For the pre-owned tableware, we collect all types of different pieces at Dutch thrift shops. Tableware that’s ready to start a new life. After collecting all the tableware, the different pieces are brought into a small factory in the Netherlands where the next step of the manufacturing process takes place.

Glazing the tableware

The next step in the manufacturing process is glazing the tableware. The glaze we use to hand-glaze the tableware is based on minerals, sourced from the ashes of burned household waste. For this process we collaborated with Mineralz, part of Renewi (One of the biggest sustainable waste processors of the Netherlands) and Studio Mixtura (A studio with a focus on reworking recycled raw materials). Every single piece is hand-glazed into the contemporary colors, blue or green. All the tableware is food safe and dishwasher safe.

Hand-glazed reycled tableware

After the glazing process, the tableware goes into the kiln for firing the glaze. After the firing has succeed, a brand-new, but circular product has come to life.

firing process recycled tableware

All of the pieces of our 100% recycled tableware are unique in their own way and have an authentic character.

Green and blue recycled tableware

We, at Urban Nature Culture, are so proud we’ve put this 100% recycled tableware together. We are big fans of every single piece of it and all their uniqueness they bring with them.

Our collection is now available in de Bijenkorf, BMK Middelburg, Stadspaviljoen Noord Bergen, Make My Day Nijmegen, Kookpunt Rotterdam, Het Pastorielokaal Tilburg ,Thuis in Dronten, Voorloping Excentriek Warenhuis Delft and No28 Wonen & Lifestyle Barneveld & Dordrecht in the Netherlands. 



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